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Halo : The Master Chief Collection

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What’s the most important thing in this world?

Clem, it’s family.

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Sunset Overdrive - Opening Cinematic (x)

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“anyone who tries to get in between me and her, are gonna end up dead!

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E3 2014: Ori and the Blind Forest announced

Indie developer Moon Studios announced Ori and the Blind Forest, a 2D action side-scrolling game exclusively for Xbox One.

View the E3 trailer and gallery here.

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Dragon Age Inquisition Gameplay

BioWare is really stepping up their game with the latest Dragon Age. Combat seems to be a fine balance of action with just enough tactical options for players that want to take it a bit slower and plan out their moves. Graphically, this leaves Dragon Age Origins and II in the dust. Dragon Age Inquisition hits the PC, PS4, Xbox One and last gen systems this October 7th. Xbox One owners get first dibs on DLC.